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Desktop Google Reader is a client that allows to read RSS news from Google
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Desktop Google Reader is a desktop client that allows to read RSS news from Google.
This popular free service is available for anyone who has a Gmail account. You can subscribe to as many RSS feeds as you like, and you can read the news by logging in to the service. This client lets you read the news, mark news as read and star the items that you want to highlight. The program offers complete integration with the Snarl notification system. This way, it can notify you when new feed items arrive.

You can use this program to look for news in your subscriptions, mark all the news read, add new subscriptions by pasting the URL of the RSS that you want to add, or unsubscribe from the feed that you are viewing. In the Preferences, you can configure the program to run minimized, set the refreshing interval, configure the notifications that you will receive, configure a proxy server, if you use one, check for updates on start up and combine the use of external services, like Twitter, Facebook, Read It Later, Instapaper,, Diigo and Posterous.

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